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BROOKSITE is a full-service accounting firm that provides accounting, tax and payroll services to small businesses nationwide. By combining the power of cloud-based accounting applications and the expertise of our seasoned accountants, we deliver a cost-efficient, accounting service alternative for small business owners.  


We're based in the USA and all our professional services are done in-house, supported by a team of accounting associates locally outsourced. We never send your data overseas - and we never will. Protecting your financial data is our #1 priority. That's why our accounting and tax services run exclusively on secure, web-based, accounting software and apps.  

We offer a wide range of professional services and a high degree of specialization. In addition to our online Edge bookkeeping service, payroll and tax, including tax preparation, our professional services include, corporate formation services and business planning, including private placement memorandums. We have also developed several niche practice areas including, on-line retail, manufacturing, food & beverage, and aquaculture.





The birth of Brooksite was in 2001 when two New York investors approached us to write a business plan. This was not your typical business plan, but one to develop a fish farm in Puerto Rico.  The challenge: understanding the science and business behind fish farming, also known as known as "aquaculture". The investors required a detailed business plan to secure a grant worth $1.0 million USD. The key to the business plan was to build an operational and financial road-map that would explain to the government of Puerto Rico, the risks and rewards of starting a fish farming project. After months of intense research, numerous meetings and rewrites, we produced a 50-page plan that ultimately won the company the grant.


In May 2002, the first offshore aquaculture enterprise in Puerto Rico was launched by Snapperfarm, Inc. and by August they began stocking two Ocean Spar Sea Station cages with 20,000 Red Snapper juvenile fish, in the waters off of the island of Culebra. 


In 2003, Snapperfarm re-engaged us to assist in the providing the company with structuring their financial operations, internal controls, and accounting to maintain compliance with the conditions of their grant. We recommended and implemented the company's accounting system, Oracle's Net Suite (Ledger), due to the versatility of this secure, cloud-based accounting system.


Since 2004, 95% of the firm's clientele either switched or are currently using a cloud-based accounting system to run their business, with many small businesses choosing QuickBooks Online.  The number one reason was the cost savings, in terms of human resources, internal server administration and software upgrades. 




Our mission is to support companies to create and sustain a competitive edge. Our clients can be either a start-up needing guidance to maintain a positive cash flow or healthy companies seeking to restructure for growth or distressed companies seeking stability and profitability. 


We will grow with your business. As your accounting and bookkeeping needs evolve over time, we'll stay on top of these changes and ensure you're always getting the support you need.


So, if you're still working with over-priced CPA firms, inexperienced Craigslist bookkeepers and unreliable temp-agency hires, why not gain a competitive advantage by teaming up with the right accountants?   


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